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Frequently Asked Questions

  Question: Windows NT users are unable to install Tideware Maps from the CD-ROM, using the Install Map function. How can I install Tideware Maps on NT?
Solution: For Windows NT Service Pack 3 or greater. Copy all of the maps from the Tideware CD-ROM to the Tideware Installation Directory.
Perform the following steps:

1.) Exit the Tideware program, then insert the Tideware CD-ROM into the CD-ROM Drive.

2.) Open Windows Explorer. Select Start, Programs. From the popup menu select Windows Explorer.

3.) Locate your installation directory, usually C:\TIDEWARE, and open the folder.

4.) Locate the Tideware CD-ROM. Open the TIDEWARE folder, then open the MAPS sub-folder on the CD-ROM, e.g. X:\TIDEWARE\MAPS

5.) Select all of the files in the located in the X:\TIDEWARE\MAPS directory on the CD-ROM. Then copy the files to your installation directory, e.g. C:\TIDEWARE\MAPS. There is a total of 52MB of space required.

6.) When copying do not overwrite existing file, select NO when prompted.

7.) After the copy is complete, Select all of the files in the installation directory, e.g. C:\TIDEWARE\MAPS. Then Select File | Properties from the menu bar. Remove the check mark for the Read Only Attribute. Select Apply, then Close.

8.) All of the Maps for Tideware have been loaded.

9.) To remove Maps, use the Remove Map function in the Map Index.