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Our Services

Our Services

Website Design
Web design is a total package where marketing, strategy, research, architecture and technology meet. A professional website is the front door to your business. It is the reinvented corporate brochure, the main marketing vehicle for your business. A compelling website will drive visitors
to your site and keep their attention focused on your business.

Our professional website design techniques produce websites that are both attractive and informative utilizing user friendly interfaces and intutitve navigation. Professional website development requires an effective blend of technology and high quality asthetic.

Website Development
Each client has different online requirements. We will determine the best solution for your online presence, whether it be an informational site, data driven back-end search tools, an ecommerce store front or targeted landing pages. Let Hannah Studios work with your team to develop
your website.

We specialize in programming for several open source content management tools including
Joomla and WordPress. Add a blog, editable calendar, message board and a wide variety of
robust applications to enhance your client's web experience.

Web SEO Optimization
Google Search has acquired over 90% of the marketplace in internet searches and an estimated 80% of Internet traffic, SEO is an absolutely critical component of an effective online marketing strategy. Your website needs to be optimized with all the free tools available to get your website indexed and ranked by Google. It is essential to design your website with the propor structure, descriptive titles page descriptions and natural keyword-rich content to get your site visible in Google. We will work with you to help develop inbound links, content0rch news an,blogs and other SEO freindly vehicles to get your site noticed and reach more of your potential audience.

Web & Email Marketing

Email is a very versatile medium. Content can be highly customized and laser focused to your audience. An Email marketing campaign can be distributed for a very low cost compared to traditional direct mail. An online marketing strategy can provide an exact return on investment. It can be tracked and has proved tohave high cost-value. These campaigns can give clients powerful analytics where segments of your business can be monitored and tracked for success. Direct email marketing is paper-free and environmentally friendly.

We have experience in software development for business applications:
  • ASP.net

  • PHP

  • Javascript

  • Content Management Systems

    • Joomla

    • Word Press

  • XML

  • CSS

  • Custom HTML templates

  • and more!
We'll help create the foundation of your brand - from logo, messaging,
website, to print communications and presentation media.

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