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The publisher of Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, the most respected and relied upon guide for boaters since 1875, introduces Eldridge TideWare for state-of-the-art prediction and mapping of real-time tides and currents. This exciting new product is featured in the following publications.

October, 1999

A VIRTUAL ELDRIDGE?...The same useful information we count on in the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book can now be found on CD-ROM--Eldridge TideWare.  If you're a lifetime boater, its worth the $89.

For as long as we've been boating, one of the very first activities to complete each year has been to purchase the new year's edition of the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book...Now Eldridge has gone electronic...TideWare keeps National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) tide and current data for six years, and offers free annual upgrades for years after 2004...You can choose a shoreline of the area you're interested in, zoom in or out, and view a display of tide conditions and current direction...adjust the tide and current information from NOAA stations to fit your observed measurement...A neat stunt for fisherman is to mark a favorite fishing spot, return to it to see what the tide and current conditions were at your last successful expedition, and then predict when you can go back to the same spot when conditions will be the same...As far as presentation, we found the CD-ROM version superior.

by Editor

MERGING TRADITION WITH TECHNOLOGY.....Robert E. White Instruments, publishers of the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book for the past 125 years has joined with software design company Tidal Watch, Inc. to produce Eldridge TideWare. The new software package predicts tides from Maine to Mexico...at home or on board you're ready to predict tidal heights and current speeds for thousands of locations...a water atlas of 50 coast line charts with resolutions of 1:40,000 to 1:60,000. Users can select on-screen tide and current icons based on observations personally added to the database as well as NOAA's list of primary and secondary stations. A wide variety of maps, tide and current diagrams, graphs and reports can be printed for any location.


CROSS CURRENTS.....Eldridge on disk. A vastly expanded digital evolution of the classic "Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book" made its debut last fall. "Eldridge TideWare" contains NOAA tide and current data through 2004 and is customizable.


TIDINGS AND SCUTTLEBUTT .....New from the publishers of Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book (for 125 years one of the most relied-upon guides for saltwater anglers and boaters) is TideWare....provides real-time tide and current data for the United States’ East and Gulf coasts.....can be customized for local areas.

By Jason Y. Woods

CURRENT EVENTS . . . . .Eldridge TideWare, a CD-ROM that offers easily accesible and complete information about tides and currents. This software gives the user a technological edge... everything is cross-referenced at the touch of a button...the big difference is easy access...arrows that indicate the direction and, by their length, the speed of the current...bar graph meters show the water level. But here’s the coolest part, the software lets the user animate the tide chart to depict the tidal movement for a certain date range, at any time interval...The animation function gives useful insight into the movement of the sea and the way the water acts in your home waters.

FIELD & STREAM, February, 1999
by Bob Stearns

CRACKING THE TIDAL CODE. . . . .The ebb and flow of the tides influence how fish feed and move...fish react to the currents created by the tides...in inlets, narrows, coastal river mouths, estuaries, beaches and coastlines... Anglers everywhere live by the tides...as a rule, fish swim with the current, but feed into it. This applies as much to redfish on a Texas coastal grass bed or striped bass on a shallow New England eel grass flat as it does to bonefish in the Florida Keys. TideWare...can even create your own tide/current profile for a spot not already listed...a Custom Port. An "Animate" feature even allows you to set into motion...tide and current activity for a pre-selected amount of time...

SOUNDINGS, February 1999
by Roger Marshall

ARE ELECTRONIC TIDE TABLES RIGHT FOR YOU?. . . . . TideWare has the reputation of Eldridge behind it and is simple to use. The information is shown visually, allowing you to absorb it quickly and making it easier to use than the other programs. For visual appeal and ease of use, TideWare is by far the best. Fisherman can note the state of the tide that produced well for them. Coastlines are displayed using a vector coastline chart....pull up the entire coast and click on your local area...turn on tide height bars and current speed vectors...numbers are shown under each current arrow. Turn on the animation feature and watch the current arrows change from red to green as a 24-hour cycle of the tide runs by in about two minutes...a pause key stops the animation. I especially liked the phases of the moon box...new and full moon tides tend to be higher...

CRUISING WORLD, January, 1999
by Ed Sherman

SOFTWARE, SOFTWARE, SOFTWARE. . . . .One category of products I find useful is tide-and current-prediction software. The new TideWare program by Eldridge is more than a reprint of the mostly text based book. It comes with built-in vector charts.... I like this program’s ability to create an animated view of what may be ahead, freeze-frame it if necessary and print it as needed.


by Mark Pillsbury, Editor

TIDEWARE DOCKS ELDRIDGE WITH PC’S. . . . . .Eldridge TideWare...in a word, nifty. Anyone whose had to plan a crossing....would be ready to jump up and shout about this new navigation product. TideWare combines the power of a searchable database with animation software and scaleable maps to depict geographically the Tide and Current information...View the direction of tidal currents and their strength at any given time of the day...animation feature lets you watch a time range as arrows grow longer and shorter...while changing direction with the tide’s ebb and flood....can be printed at any point in the cycle. Each chart can be customized to record a user’s favorite fishing holes, harbors, or dive spots. Enter current information and boat speed to determine the effects of current and the proper course to steer.


TIDE AND CURRENT PREDICTION SOFTWARE. . . . Eldridge TideWare is being touted as the most accurate and extensive tide and current predictor available. This computerized water atlas includes 50 indexed vector maps of the US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Coasts....NOAA’s full list of primary and secondary stations...thousands of locations. The interactive software operates in "real-time", providing valuable information for planning, fishing and coastal interests. US coastline maps with "to-your-dock" resolution, 6 zoom levels, animation and stop-action, real-time graphics and forecasting, customization for local information and timed events creating fishing docking and cruising schedules, integrated moon, current and tide graphics, and extensive graph and report writing features.

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