Real-time tide, current and coastal map software

Set tide and current information into motion with advanced animation features. Create an unlimited number of coastal views with tide and current animations.







  • Includes the most comprehensive NOAA tide and current data accurate through 2004. Stay up-to-date beyond 2004 with  free annual data upgrades for the lifetime of this product.
  • 50 NOAA/NOS digital vector shoreline maps of the United States East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico offer unparalleled clarity and detail with resolution of 1:40,000 to 1:60,000.
  • Enhanced scalability allows you to zoom from wide angle to extreme close-up views instantly.
  • Current diagrams with animation features to create stop-action and timed sequences for boat races, fishing trips, and cruise planning.
  • Real-Time Window provides daily views of tides and currents with scrolling, logging notes and annotated map icons.

  • Create your own tide and current locations with custom port controls.