TideWare Features

TideWare Toolbar
toolbar300.GIF (9935 bytes)

Quickly access TideWare's full range of features by using the toolbar located just below the menu bar. A single click of your mouse or pointer will access frequently used TideWare functions.

.finger.gif (1163 bytes)  Normal Cursor
This cursor is used when selecting different TideWare functions and for panning around the chart. The map centers where you left click this cursor.

chtindex.gif (1194 bytes)  Chart Index
Select this button to view available TideWare maps. You can open multiple maps for tiling or cascading.

cllosemap.gif (1757 bytes)  Close Chart
Select this button to close the map(s) that you are viewing.

tideicon.gif (1071 bytes)  Display Tide Ports
Select this button to turn the Tide Port icons on or off.

normalc.gif (1059 bytes)  Display Current Ports
Select this button to turn the Current Port icons on or off.

zoomin.gif (1156 bytes)  Zoom-In
Select the plus (+) magnifying glass button to zoom-in to the next larger scale view of the map highlighted on your screen. There are six zoom levels from 1x to 32x.

zoomout.gif (1142 bytes)  Zoom-Out
Select the minus (-) magnifying glass button to zoom-out to the next smaller scale view of the map highlighted on your screen.

realtime.gif (1239 bytes)  Real Time
Select the real-time button to use the real time cursor that will give you the present daily information about the tide or current port closest to this cursor. You can easily move ahead or back in time to study tidal or current activity.

Cursor changes when the following menu or toolbar choices are selected:

T – if tide icons are displayed on screen

C – current icons are displayed on screen

E – if both tide and current icons are displayed on screen

portloc.gif (1039 bytes)  Port Locator
This selection opens a window to all the tide or current stations on the map. The closest station is at the top of the map. When the window first opens, stations are sorted by distance from the selected point. You can also sort the stations alphabetically. Select a station to open additional features.

animate.gif (1158 bytes)  Animation
Select the Animation feature to open a window for animation settings. This window allows for the setting of start and stop times for the animation. In addition, the interval of animation updates can be adjusted. The screen icons will rise, fall, ebb and flood in a continuous selected loop displaying real-time information. Freeze frames can also be captured with this feature.

print.gif (1223 bytes)  Print
Use the Print feature to print charts, daily tide or current graphs, and daily or hourly tide and current reports.