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Six years of NOAA data in one CD
   Eldridge TideWare offers the most
   up-to-date and extensive National
   Oceanographic and Atmospheric
   Agency (NOAA) tide and current
   data through the year 2004, and
   includes all NOAA primary and
   secondary stations. In addition,
   you can download free annual data
   upgrades from our website.
Hi-res superiority
   Unlike many other tide, current and
   coastal map software, EldridgeTideWare
   provides high resolution digital vector
   shoreline maps of the United States East
   coast and the Gulf of Mexico. And,
   unlike other tide and current software,
   these maps are all included for you at
   no additional cost! Eldridge TideWare
   vector maps load and display much faster
   than standard raster maps and offer
   unparalleled clarity and detail with
   resolutions of 1:40,000 to 1:60,000.