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Scan, store, and retrieve documents automatically indexed to your TitleExpress files.

  • Images are linked directly to TitleExpress orders
  • Images are retrieved using any of the order-
    indexed fields, no need to re-enter index information
  • TitleExpress users access any file directly from
    their desktop

Features and Benefits
Fully integrated with TitleExpress, ScanExpress provides the functionality to scan, store, and
access documents associated with each TitleExpress order.

The electronic management of documents offers enormous efficiency gains to the paper-
saturated title office. In addition to radically reducing the time it takes an employee
to find a file, the costs associated with storage and retrieval of files are eliminated or significantly reduced. In addition, valuable back-title information is accessible in an instant.

Technical Requirements
TitleExpress ScanExpress requires a TWAIN-compatible scanner, and adequate hard drive
space to store the scanned images.

Using the ScanExpress remote client, users operating in thin-client environments scan locally,
and the images are automatically compressed and uploaded to the TitleExpress data server.

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